Thursday, 7 May 2009

Uniquely Singapore: One Low IQ Boy vs Two Low EQ MPs

It's a bad time for Singapore and Singaporeans, no doubt; everybody's tightening their belts - not to mention those who have no metaphorical belts to tighten in the first place. And just to break the monotony of the current recession, we have the Ultimate Fighter (Singapore version) to enjoy.

In one corner we have a disgruntled, physically and mentally troubled youth who is in the midst of seeing his mother suffer physically, financially and emotionally. And in the other corner, two well-fed politicians who could hardly comprehend what life is like for a truly-poor person. A match certainly heading for catastrophe, one would imagine.

Round 1 - Fight!

The young man can no longer stand seeing his mother almost-grovelling to survive - over several months and being rejected unceremoniously at that, duly loses his cool and acts rashly by throwing a chair at a door. Minions being minions, overreact, restrain the youth and call in the Police. The Police seeing a politician in power being involved decide to throw out commonsense, and err on the side of absolute application of the law - they track down the young man to his home and arrest him.

The politican does nothing (although a mere, "it's ok, let's forget about it" from her would have ended the incident right there and then) and possibly feels that the youth deserved what he got.

Round 2 - Apology? No Thanks!

Being poor and legally-helpless, the young man subsequently writes a rudimentary apology (which exemplifies his 'low IQ') to another politician delivered by his mother. This politician (exemplifying her low EQ) simply waves away the apology and practically declares he deserves his present predicament - in not so many words.

Now the youth faces possible jail time, has no way of paying any fine if imposed, and will have an even harder time getting a job (which is what MP Cynthia Phua claims she was trying to do in the first place). The mother will have yet another added problem weighing down on her - as if she doesn't have enough as it is.

MP Lim Hwee Hua feels the 'violence' "is not justifiable in any circumstance" but the probable fact that she has not suffered extreme financial difficulty herself disqualifies her from making that very judgement call. Perhaps in an ideal world; perhaps high atop an ivory tower, that statement may hold true - not in this case.

An educated person with access to the internet can blog about his or her frustrations; a healthy person may choose to vent it out on a soccer field or basketball court. This young man probably did not have these options and it was nothing more than an outburst aimed at no one - I dare say he probably chose an area where he would specifically not harm anyone with his actions.

At the end of the day, the boy can say his low IQ is a disability. Can the politicians say the same of their obviously-low EQ?

No prizes for guessing the winner(s)

Note: BTW, what's up with SPH's reporting? In the TNP report, it says the boy will be reporting back to the Police but in the ST report (another here), it says he will be attending court (both giving 12th May as the date). Also, in case the above links expire, a version of the TNP report is being carried by Singapore Enquirer.


Anonymous said...

hope the violent boy gets a jail term!!!!

Anonymous said...

You forgot to include the STTA president.

I wouldn't say its all a coincidence. I would rather think that such incidents served to reveal/expose the calibre of people invited to join the ruling party. While at it, should also point out that its not just the MPs, the cabinet too is infested with such calibre and mentality.

Anonymous said...

be careful what you wish for.

all this talk about the boy being of low-iq and mentally disturbed might just land him a psychiatric treatment and a long time in imh!

Anonymous said...

Get out of my elite, uncaring face, you ... you ... you ... Commoner!

Anonymous said...

looking for redclaw phoon chee yong!!!! do you know him????? where is hee??????