Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Ferguson is a Smooth Operator Indeed

Whilst reading the news on ESPN Soccernet today, I realised something interesting. David Beckham was a home-grown Manchester United player who was sold to Real Madrid for US$41 million and, at the time, I thought it was quite a gamble to sell the team's talisman and star performer. However, I realise now that Christiano Ronaldo was bought just as Beckham left and was duly given the no. 7 jersey (i.e. direct replacement?) immediately as well.

Now, Ronaldo who was bought for US$20.29 million has been sold for US$132 million - a tremendously handsome profit by any standards - and again, many feel that it is quite a gamble to sell the team's current talisman and star performer. However, on closer inspection, it seems as though Federico Macheda has been earmarked to be the direct replacement for Ronaldo.

By the looks of it, it seems Macheda can easily fill the void and if he rises to the heights of Beckham and Ronaldo, Ferguson - and more so the board of Machester United - can look forward to another windfall in 5 to 6 years' time.




Anonymous said...

Owen is the new Number 7.
Maybe Real Madrid will buy him again next year.
since Owen came on a free, anything would be a profit.

Ganga said...

Owen is just a 'filler' and is a bargain for the amount paid, of course. Giving him the number 7 is just a cheap gimmick (to pacify him?) since there's no one else to give it to anyway...

jai said...

who konws....he, at least, seem to have the arrogance that Ronaldo has...and usually arrogant players (exception:s'pore players)are v.good players..but i think they will feel ronaldo's absence this year.