Monday, 12 October 2009

ST's Word of the Day: Refridgerators

I chanced upon a good article entitled Wacky ideas to go green penned by Ms Ho Ai Li, the Taiwan Correspondent to the Straits Times, that discussed the environmental sensitivity of the Taiwanese as compared to Singaporeans. What caught my eye though was the overly-juvenile oversight of spelling 'refrigerators' as 'refridgerators' (see below).

Of course it's obvious that the word 'fridge' interfered with the longer word 'refrigerator' here but still, this is something I would hardly expect from our self-proclaimed 'best-of-the best' ST journalists. In fact, it's rather incredulous how both the writer and editor missed a mistake which we would chide our secondary school students for.

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Ariel T said...

hahaha. I know Ho Ai Li when I was working in PR. She seems like a nice person though. To tell you the truth, a Singaporean schoolmate who's doing his masters in US also remarked to me how much the English standard of Straits Times has dropped. I haven't been reading the paper since I left Singapore. But seems like there's some truth in what he said. Refridgerators....woahaha!